I am a 60-year-old single, professional, college-educated woman, working as an executive in Southern California. I have grown children who are well adjusted, contributing members of society and who are successful at their careers and personal lives.

After having been single and celibate for five years, I said to myself “if I don’t have sex soon I’m going to kill myself.” Of course, I wasn’t serious, but you get my drift. So I joined and decided to write about it on a blog, which I named as a place to share my observations about on-line dating which includes aging, beauty, and dating, as well as actual sex.

I take all kinds of bio-identical hormones, which I learned about from Suzanne Somers. Because of her book I have lots of sexual energy and a great memory!

My intention is to write this blog until I am 70 or until no man will sleep with me anymore, and my sex life is over. If I find that there is sex after 70, and I hope there is, even though it sounds really scary and a bit ghastly, I reserve the right to stay on, and tell you all about it.